Catherine Carney, Australia

Rosco, Warmblood

Until I met Nicole and allowed myself to be transformed by her patient, friendly and knowledgeable teaching, I was a struggling novice rider who thought “contact” meant “hold your horse behind the vertical no matter what happens”. 

Nicole has been able to explain to me how to right lightly and with greater understanding than I ever thought possible. Thankyou Nicole for your tireless explanations as to “why” and “how” and for never letting me lose sight of the fact that I can ride to improve my horse’s health and make him a lifelong partner in dressage. 

Nicole’s eye for perfection is undeniable and she can spot contractions and asymmetry in an instant and show me how to fix them with the utmost respect for the horse which is a godsend. Thank you, Nicole. My horses thank you too.

Catherine Carney
Galston, New South Wales, Australia

Franziska Löhr, Germany