Communication and partnership work

The communication work is based on the understanding of the horse's psychological behaviour and instinctive system.

It is designed to teach humans how to approximate and adapt as effectively as possible to the horse as a flight and prey animal. Different tasks such as stability, mobility and straightening exercises done with a rope halter and later in liberty, work help the horse and human to achieve internal and external calmness and understanding of each other.

Natural horsemanship and rope halter work, a build-up structure of exercises, liberty, young horse anti-stress and everyday training are among the tasks of communication work.

Neither suppression or any kind of domination over the horse, programming nor exaggerations in sensitization and desensitization exercises are used. If the deepening of this work succeeds with stability, healthy consistency and mutual respect, the horse owner achieves a harmonious coexistence between him or herself and his or her horse. Not only on the riding arena, but also in daily use.

Depending on the topic, you can book 30 to 60 minutes units or seminars from 1 to 4 days. Take a look at mobile units and daily seminars,
national and international seminars or contact me directly with your individual questions.

Health preserving gymnastic training


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