Equinus Sanitas

Since August 2017 I have been involved with this educative program to become a holistic equine therapist- practicing horse homeopathy with various therapy procedures. So, I want to complement my concept "Pro Sanitate Equi - For the health of the horse" with holistic therapy methods and offer the horse owner everything that he needs for the health of his horse.

Equinus Sanitas means:

Holistic analysis, therapy and education are, in our definition and conviction, more than just work on the horse's body. We go far beyond our point of view and learn to understand the symptoms of horses in the relationship between the horse patient and his human. We translate his situation for his human so that he / she understands what their horse is about. Our job in this context is to make people aware of why their horse is ill, has a behavioural disorder or recurrent symptoms that burden the relationship and often put it to the test. The only one who knows what we are talking about is the horse!

Equinus Sanitas means healing from the horse and healing for the horse.

The only one who knows what we are talking about is the horse!

Through the horse we learn to understand ourselves.

We are looking for real solutions - these are usually only found in the relationship between horse and human.

At the School for Horse Healing Practitioners, we provide anatomical, physiological and pathological basic knowledge to enable us to translate the symptoms into reality, to identify parallels in humans, to energetically dissolve the blockages, and then successfully treat the horse.

We work with energetic knowledge on a metaphysical basis, with naturopathic remedies and manual techniques. Our focus is on the best combination of acupuncture, homeopathy, coloured light therapy, meridian therapy, healing currents and energetic osteopathy for our equine patients. We refrain from using machines and other programmed tools. We test radiesthetically.

We regulate what is needed and do not repair. So, we can report on successes in therapy, when others had to give up long ago.

We know that many factors play a role in maintaining the health of our horses, especially in our time and environment, where horses can hardly be kept humanely. We want to reconcile human and horse, promote their communication with each other and generate a harmonious balance of learning, observation, understanding and development.