Hoof and dental health

If horses have no healthy hooves or teeth, the causes range from nutrient deficiencies, malnutrition, general hyperacidity to various organ weaknesses. But also rideability problems and bad postures can be causes.

If you look at the problem of nutrient deficiencies, hyperacidity or organ weaknesses: The horse hoof is a highly complex, living and metabolically active structure, in which the well-perfumed skin of the hooves takes a special place. From its growth and stability of the horn wall depend, but also the detoxification of the hoof and thus the hoof. A delicate vascular network ensures that nutrients are transported back out into the horn capsule and toxins from the horn capsule. Thus, valuable nutrients are necessary for the development of the hoof horn, also vascular health, connective tissue stability and tissue detoxification.

The balance of the hooves and the correct movement of the horse condition each other. The aim is a uniform load on the joints, taking into account the limb position. If the horse is in an incorrect posture or false statics, this affects the position of the hooves and of course vice versa. Wrongly shaped hooves shift the balance of the body, changes the movement and tenses the entire musculature.

Hoof trimming should be done taking into account statics, movement organization and horse training to develop hoof health in a holistic sense.

The care of the horse teeth is essential for the health of the horse. Regular inspections and maintenance such as rasping are necessary nowadays. Due to the domestication and husbandry, feeding habits of the horse changed so that the teeth can no longer wear out properly. Lack of exercise and difficulties in training have the same effect on the jaw, the jaw activity and thus on the tooth mechanisms.

The right dental care is worthwhile. The horse uses its food more efficiently, develops better and thus has the prerequisite for a longer life.