Pro Sanitate Equi

Holistic and health-promoting work for the horse

Heidreger Hof

„Movement is the basic element of the horse.
Movement in the vast freedom“

-unknown author-

„Movement is the basic element of the horse. Movement in the vast freedom“

-unknown author-

„Movement is the basic element of the horse. Movement in the vast freedom.“

-unknown author-

I am happy to have found a new place that shares the philosophy of “working for the health of the horse”

At the Heidreger Hof, the well-being of the horses always comes first.

It is desired that respect, trust, fairness and love are always in the foreground when working with the horses on our farm. Everyone should consistently refrain from any psychological and physical pressure, which also means that the use of auxiliary reins and other means of restraint is not desired on our system. The aim is to work in partnership with a motivated and satisfied horse that reacts to the finest aids both when working on the ground and under the saddle and exudes joy in the work.

The Heidreger Hof offers:


Daily grazing, 365 days a year with changing pasture to provide sufficient exercise.


The horse’s stomach is designed to take in food almost permanently. For this reason, our horses are on the pasture all day. They also get their fill of hay in the box in the morning and in the evening, and during the day from a hay rack in the pasture to ensure a feeding time of 20 hours. Long eating times keep people busy, satisfy the need to chew and generate enough saliva with a natural stomach acid buffer. The horse eats in its natural feeding position with its head on the ground in order to push the pulp from below upwards. The concentrated feed is also tailored to the horse.


Horses need friends. In the wild, the animals live in differentiated family groups and also make friends. Only through contact with its companions the horse remains mentally stable. That is why our horses live in herds.

Barn climate and light:

Horses come from the treeless steppe, where wind and weather constantly alternate and thus train the horse’s entire organism. The sunlight contributes to a healthy metabolism and also controls its biorhythm. Open, bright and large stalls with open windows help the horse to feel as comfortable as possible.


The horse’s high-performance breathing organ can only tolerate air that is absolutely free of dust and bacteria, which is why there are very careful in controlling the roughage. 


Horses need stimuli. For this reason, there are many training opportunities such as a trail course, riding area, riding arenas and riding arenas with opportunities for a variety of ground work and riding.

The offer of our stable is aimed at

  • People who have started to rethink
  • People for whom it is important that their horse is properly kept and trained is healthy inside and out
  • People for whom the horse is a family member and not a “sports device”

From now on, health units, therapies, seminars and lectures will be offered to the adjusters here on site. Are you interested in taking a look at the farm? Please contact me directly.