Working according to the principles of Pro Sanitate Equi means thinking holistically. The term wholeness is derived from wholeness. "Ganz" means originally healed, unharmed and complete. Holisticness is therefore the consideration of a thing in the completeness of all parts as well as in the totality of their qualities and relations among themselves.

Holisticness is an approach in which the horse should be considered and treated in its life context and in its individuality. When looking at important factors, in addition to the horse itself, must not be forgotten. These are, for example, the lifestyle (exercise, nutrition, stress, relaxation), the social environment with all relationships (society), the natural environment (water, soil, air, climate), the housing conditions (box, open stable, pasture) and the energetic condition. The main goal of Pro Sanitate Equi is the preservation / creation of a unity of body, mind and soul.

It is important to find the right way to the health of your horse by regular saddle adjustments as well as tooth and hoof controls.

If things get out of balance with this holistic approach, it must be weighed in which direction healing can be brought about. Therefore, the assignment of various healing methods from the field of naturopathy or different therapeutic methods is important.

Not every horse with tense muscles has a muscle problem involuntarily. The cause research plays an elementary role. If healing is needed, it should be done in a holistic and completely individual sense.

I am happy to assist you and will be glad to advise you in addition to my work already described, by recommending various therapeutic procedures and therapists, as well as accompanying to the side.

On the following pages you will find further information about the mentioned topics.