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German-bred Icelandic mare

Born in 2013, approx. 1.40 m

Gaefa von der Rohrmühle (The Angel) is a true angel. She is charming, very people-oriented and sensitive. Gaefa is about 6-7 months in total under the saddle. She came into my training after starting her and the first training course and is now in full training for 3 months. She is mediated on assignment.
Gaefa is healthy and grew up in the herd. She is extremely relaxed and sociable in dealing with her colleagues. Currently she lives in the “open stable” in a small mare herd. Gaefa was shoed and is now barefoot according to healthy physiological principles. She has been physiotherapeutically and osteopathically checked and treated only with a light result.

I have continued to work with Gaefa with relationship and communication work man-horse, work in hand on the cavesson and bridle, lunge work on the cavesson and double lunge, pole training and small jumps, Equikinetic and under the saddle. She has three excellent gaits in which she has been built gymnastically under the saddle. It was about the improvement of her willingness to stretch, the inner and outer balance, body awareness and stability and a beginning of straightness work. Gaefa learns the lateral movements in the walk and the shoulder-in trot. The canter is regular and almost balanced. With the Tölt I started with a certain collective and shortening degree in combination with the lateral movements in walk.

She gets ridden in the indoor arena, on all outdoor arenas, on the oval track and on the trail. Alone and in the group, where she shows herself very relaxed and unflinching.

She is very human-oriented and needs a loving clear line, therefore and because of her sensitive nature she is not suitable for beginners. We are looking for a sensitive person or family to take her to their heart and give her a stable home. These people should have sufficient experience in training young horses or have good professional coaching. She really can become an all-rounder for everything with her movement, joy and curiosity. Gaited horse, recreational and family horse, competition horse. Gaefa also likes to stay with us (, accompanying lessons and training.

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