It began…simply with the love of horses.

"Love is when the soul has found a home."

The love of horses is my home and I was fortunate enough to find this in my childhood. Since my parents already had horses, I started riding at the age of three. At 10, our Polish Trakehner and I grew together and experienced many exciting educational moments. For me he was like a big brother, a protector. To this day, I remember his calm prudent character and warm nature. He was the most important thing in my life that existed because he taught me a lot in my still unaware young years, what to learn about a horse-human relationship. I've learned how to listen to horses and experience the moments you call ‘home’.

What had already collided for me as a girl, was the way of being with the horse and the way of riding. Above all, the pressure to succeed in everyday work and also in sports was very unpleasant. For humans and above all, the horse. Actually for me, the horse was the partner, friend, the family member and then it was only all about getting the best possible dressage or jumping result.

For many years, that was a conflict for me until I decided to follow a path that was only about partnership with the horse; the shared joy and the health of the horse.

That's why, since 1990, I've been working as a horse trainer with a path of collaboration that's tailored to the needs of the horse, and leads to health through partnership training and sustainable gymnastics.

In addition, I continue to educate myself, always according to the latest findings, in the fields of psychology, physiology and anatomy of the horse on an ongoing basis at home and abroad. Thoughts of many interesting instructors and masters are integrated into my work.

Meanwhile, I pass my work onto others in national and international courses, private lessons and invite everyone who is interested in a holistic way of working with the horse to accompany this.