Janna Steffens, Germany

Lillyfee, Holsteiner

Something better could not have happened to us!

At the beginning of 2012, we came across Nicole and her work “For the health of the horse” due to a move of stable.

My Holstein mare is called Lillyfee and was born in 2006, bred to be as successful as possible and to make a "modern, wiry type". Since 2010 she is in my possession. She has hitherto been trained in the "ordinary way” - as I am now aware - the very hard and loveless way of the FN.

I too received this training, unfortunately, and I actually thought that it was so right and good!

It took a lot of strength to overcome those ways and to get involved in this new kind of training. I was worried that my patterns and attitudes would not change so quickly, so I would actually have to take lessons every day. But, I could see that the horses of my stable colleagues somehow all seemed quite relaxed and happy! My mare, on the other hand, was insecure, unstable, inattentive and not always easy. I just put it on her character ... like so many!

Unfortunately, the "character" of my mare was so strong that I was quickly finished with my Latin ... despite about 23 years of experience in the saddle.

I decided for a trial lesson with Nicole and after the first few units I had an incredibly "consistent" feeling. Everything made sense of what Nicole told me. It was different, but it made us feel good and therefore was easy to implement!

The relationship between me and my soulmate Lillyfee has risen to a whole new level! I have always loved my horse and only wanted the best, but only now do we have understandable communication, utmost respect and trust on both sides. We have managed to come from a strong place of dreadfulness to a relaxed togetherness. Gymnastically we have worked our way up to a good mobility, all varieties of lateral movement work and collection.

I NEVER want to go back to where I came from and I'm so grateful that Nicole accompanies us on our way! I have never met such a care and support of any kind!

Good to have you !!!

Janna Steffens
Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Jasmin Gray, Australia