Jasmin Gray, Australia

Lutz, Friesian horse

In April 2012, I was lucky enough to travel with Nicole from Australia to Germany to pursue my passion to train horses in lightness and health. Although it was a daunting move as I had never traveled outside of Australia before, in hindsight it was a life changing experience that I will always cherish.

Gail James, a friend of Nicole and fantastic trainer and mentor in her own right, helped me gain the opportunity to go to Germany, and I will always be grateful. However I will admit that on my arrival I was quite the beginner and unprepared for challenges I was about to face. Nicole and I had an arrangement where I was acting as an observant and I found myself constantly learning throughout my stay.

I watched Nicole give lessons to many of the members of Klewerhaaf and train the horses each day, as well as this I had one on one lessons. I was confronted with a new challenge every day and was amazed by the vast diversity of breeds of horses and different types of riders. I was constantly impressed by Nicole's ability to adapt to each horse and horse owner's situation, whether it was a highly sensitive Paso Fino or a leisurely Frisian, she always found a solution to help the riders communicate with their horse effectively.

Nicole taught me many things during my stay but the most valuable lesson I have taken away is that all interactions with every horse and rider are unique and to adopt an open mind and heart to those who seek guidance. She employed an honest, intelligent  and understanding approach to her work and helped people to further understand their horses and themselves in the process.

Nicole taught me invaluable lessons, challenged my abilities and helped me develop and grow in my capabilities as a trainer. I still find it hard to fathom that I went from an inexperienced all round rider to confidently training a diverse range of horses and even doing my first piaffe, all in under 9 months!
I will always appreciate the opportunity Nicole gave me and I know I have gained a life long friend and mentor.

Jas Gray
Bathurst, New South Wales, Australien

Josie Thomsen, Germany