Julica Valentiner, Germany

Maybe, Irish Tinker / Sport Ponymix

My interest in healthy and holistic work for the horse has been around for a long time. Since I lived abroad for many years and this type of riding was not represented there, I am all the more pleased to have the opportunity to continue my education in this way.

The work with my pony "Maybe" a Tinker Sport Pony Mix Mare is always a nice challenge for me and Nicole by her extremely intelligent nature.

So Maybe was in the sign of a Tinkers even before she had been backed with a strong neck and a weak, straight back, but with all the stronger inner values. The work "For the health of the horse" has shown me a non-violent and communicative way, which was always oriented to the physical and mental condition of my pony. The muscular gymnastics was and is very important for my pony to be able to give everything in dressage, jumping and on the trail! In the meantime, we have achieved the preparation of the piaffe in hand, the lateral movements, collection, the beginning of the flying changes and we have so much more to come, which we will approach with pleasure.

Thank you for your support Nicole!

Julica Valentiner,
Hamburg, Germany

Kerri Bell, Australia