Equestrian Center Klewerhaaf and the Mulitrail Active Stable

I am at the renowned riding school Klewerhaaf and the Mulitrail Active Stable for the work to maintain the health of the horse available. A careful and gentle gymnastics including a good horse attitude is the key to sustainable success.

Klewerhaaf: That awaits you ...

At first you can rest - but not boredom. A highly motivated team, complemented by friendly staff. Contented horses finding fun and play in their herd structures.

The boarding stable offers your horse a comfortable home. Our boxes are on average 16 square meters and have a view to the outdoors. Daily spill on paddock or pasture as well as quality roughage and straw provide good health.

Horse owners, from leasure to competition riders receive a sound education on Klewerhaaf. We are taking a different path to education - but our results are inspiring more and more riders to rethink the direction of "lightness"

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Multitrail Active stable: We offer your horse what it really needs

Lots of space with sensibly arranged movement incentives

Fixed field lairage on approx. 7000 square meters

Transponder controlled feeding. We can treat each horse individually, both in grain and mineral feeding as well as in the hay feeder. About the feeding computer, we can see how much the horse has eaten and thus quickly recognize when the animal has not retrieved his portion and may be sick.

Grazing selection by transponder. Here, too, we are able to respond individually to each horse and their needs. All horses are taken from the pasture at 6 pm, horses without restrictions are allowed in the morning from 6 o'clock on the paddock, horses that are prone to obesity are unlocked later, deer endangered animals can e.g. also be unlocked only at 17 o'clock. Of course, the horses can always leave the paddock to drink or rest.

One gelding and one mare group

Spacious lying areas interspersed with green compost. Advantages: soft, warm, non-slippery, dust-free, there is no formation of ammonia.

Selection ranges. We offer both groups a selection area, horses that need a little more rest or a 24h hay supply get access to an area where the hay is at leisure. Group 1 even has its own lying area in the selection room.

Frost-free drinking trough. Far away from the roughage feeding stations, they provide further motivation for movement.
Strohraufen mit Futtersparnetzen. To munch.

50ha grazing area

The owners are also close to our hearts and should feel comfortable, they are at your disposal:

• 20 * 40 hall with underfloor irrigation
• 20 * 40 place with underfloor irrigation
• Roundpen 20m Ø with underfloor irrigation
• Saddle cupboard for each adjuster
• Solarium and washing area for the horses
• Lounge with small kitchen
• Beautiful Ausreitgelände directly and traffic-free from the farm
• Terrace to stay
• Free coach choice
• No riding school

Our farm is located on the northern edge of the Segeberger forest between Bad Bramstedt and Bad Segeberg. From the motorway exit Bad Bramstedt it is only 10 minutes and you are in a beautiful secluded location, far away from any city noise in the middle of nature. With us you can hear on many evenings the deer from the nearby game park Eekholt and now and then the wolves, which makes one or the other barbecue in very special mood.

Particularly noteworthy is also our riding area. You can reach the Segeberger Forst and thus also the beautiful equestrian path network via a farm's own path directly and without traffic, perfect to recharge your batteries and just let your mind wander.