Marion Frase, Germany

Carabinero, P.R.E.

I bought in December 2009, the five and a half year old P.R.E. Carabinero, who grew up in Germany and was slightly ridden in the basics. Because I had mostly trained my former horse in the classical Baroque method myself, I already had experience in dealing with young horses. Now I wanted to train my new horse from the beginning in a healthy way and a very logical system.

In spring of 2010, I started taking lessons with Nicole. Since then I have benefited from her excellent anatomical, didactic equestrian skills, and she also knows a lot about the peculiarities of the Spanish horse due to the training of her own P.R.E. Minero. I have also learned a lot in Julica's seat alignment lessons, which complement Nicole's lessons perfectly.

The training of Binero is a lot of fun, he learns incredibly fast and over time developed his own ambition in the development of the different lessons. This challenges me again and again and always teaches me to be very precise and above all, very relaxed when riding.

Nicole always has the well-being and the health of the horse in mind as well as the correctness of the movements. Consistent basic work is very important to her and nothing happens with force.

Meanwhile, Binero and I are on the training of high level lateral movements, a proper piaffe, flying changes, a reasonable canter pirouette, passage and the Spanish walk. We also take jumping lessons, go on trails and do liberty. Since Binero is so great in all areas, his secret second name is "the nerd". I am so grateful every day to have this wonderful horse by my side.

One of the most beautiful moments in my life as a rider was when I personally introduced Binero in a course with Philippe Karl, one of the trainers who taught Nicole, and he praised our work.

Thanks, Nicole! You have contributed so much to this and many other magical moments.

Marion Frase
Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Mikaela Herold, USA

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