The rider’s seat and mental work

Humans are influenced by positive and negative experiences of life and by the logical conclusions found within his or her head. We frequently carry out routines which are developed from stress, time pressure and cultivated goal orientation, often preceded by great expectations.

This means, the human is less and less guided by his instincts and feelings, which have a direct impact on his physical body and which are connected with the horse’s body through riding. However, stress and high goal orientation trigger nervous and physical tension, which in turn activates the stress and the flight mode in the horse when we are around him in this state. This can become an endless spiral. The human tries to control the horse and the horse flees permanently from the trigger.

The "mental work" offers the possibility of an energetic relaxation treatment, mental and body work as well as the training of the seat.

The result is increased self-awareness and consciousness of the inner center of gravity, which leads to better self-connectedness. The use of certain breathing techniques leads to head clearance while the body and seat mobility work to achieve a stable balance in the saddle. So, the rider can act instinctively and emotionally in the training of the horse again. This leads to an even better relationship between horse and rider- a mutual well-being while riding and thus to more health of the horse.

Depending on the topic, you can book 30 to 60 minutes units or seminars from 1 to 4 days. Take a look at mobile units and daily seminars,
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