Mikaela Herold, USA

Bredero, "B", KWPN

Nicole Weinauge was the first instructor I had the opportunity to work with in my pursuit of French classical dressage. After receiving her remarkable help with my off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding Chase in the US, Nicole encouraged me to pursue a training position with Philippe Karl and Bea Borelle in France.

Once in France with my gelding B, I was happy to be reunited with her and introduced to her new holistic concept of ‘For the Health of the Horse’ when she came to visit Mr. Karl.

Since returning to the US in 2017, B and I have had the pleasure of continuing our work in clinics with Nicole.

Nicole is a genuine and feeling person who has a passion for helping horses and their people. Dedicated to expanding her knowledge in all fields that support healthy, happy horses, she uses her experience within biomechanics, anatomy, body work, liberty and horsemanship to teach an incredibly comprehensive and precise riding work. Because of this, her instruction is multi-faceted and flexible to the individual needs of each rider and horse. She has something to offer no matter what state or level a pair arrive to her in.

Trainer who invest such energy for the goal of truly wishing to see their rider succeed are worth their weight in gold!

Mikaela Herold
Alachua, Florida USA

Rebecca Hadler, Germany