Mobile and online units

Mobile units of Pro Sanitate Equi can be booked in the area Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg (topic-related or individual).

One of the following variants of a daily seminar can be booked. Contact me directly with your individual questions.

2x 30 min. individual or themed health training units
1x 45 min. individual or themed health training unit
1x 60 min. individual or themed health training unit
1 theory unit on a previously agreed topic

Included in the services

Health checks (locomotion analysis, classification of muscular condition, hooves, teeth, nutritional status)
Development of a training program (if desired in writing)
Equipment check (saddle, bridle, cavesson)
Homework protocols (meanwhile my travels)
Support for dietary supplement choices and homeopathy
Consultation on therapies
Organization and care of saddlers and therapists


No matter where you live in the world, I am available for you:

There are several ways to guide you at home to solve current problems, but also to support you between clinics and in general.

Option 1: Video lessons
You can send me a video, which I analyze in writing and discuss with you by phone or video conference. You have the opportunity to ask questions and are prepared for your next riding session or clinic. As equipment for the video recordings I recommend the Pixio Camera Robot. This camera robot specializes in motion photography. It follows your movements, or those of the horse. Your camera or phone will be installed on this robot that operates the camera, including zoom. You only need to attach the robot to a fence, wall or tripod at horse height. The shots are clear and centered so that the horse and you can be followed in detail.

Option 2: Live unit
You will need access to the live streaming channel from, the Pixio Camera Robot, a camera or smartphone for filming, a smartphone for calling and a high-speed Internet connection. The camera follows you automatically, or the phone over the robot. If you use a camera with the robot, it must be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth for Internet access. At a joint appointment, you call me via the streaming channel so I can connect my computer with your camera or the filming phone and see you. You call me with a second phone, you carry with you, so we can talk while to do a live working unit.

At Movensee you can get corresponding information and either purchase the complete system, head set, camera robot, a suitable video camera for livestreaming or just the Pixio camera robot.



National and International seminars

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