All a question of balance

Part I – Horizontal balance There are many discussions and questions about the balance and imbalance of the horse: The horse is naturally unbalanced, or is it completely in balanced for itself? Should it be “corrected” in its Im / Balance to let it move healthy under saddle? When does balance develop in the horse …
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How do I deepen the relationship with my horse?

Part I – nervous, insecure horses If man has ever made a great conquest, it is that he has made the horse a friend. -Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon- Humans and horses have been living together as companions for about 40,000 years. They have gone through hard times like wars for centuries. These would often have …
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The nature of the horse – The back

Due to evolution, the back of the horse has changed a lot. The horse evolved from a leaves and fruit-eating forest animal with an arched back, short neck, short muzzle, paws, short legs and a long tail to a steppe animal with a long skull, long legs, fused toe bones – developed to toe walk …
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