How do I deepen the relationship with my horse? Part II

Communicating and Leading – What makes a natural leader? “Natural Leadership” is a symbolic term. Symbol means in the original sense of the word “joining”. The work of communicating and leading involves the “joining ” of human and horse. As the horse has been integrated into our habitat, we humans are requested to handle the …
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Pro Sanitate Equi – for the health of the horse

means holistic work for health promotion of the horse. The basis of my work is the life context as well as the specific psychological and physical  behaviour of each horse. Then I set up an individual training program for the well-being of the horse and according to the needs of the rider. Why is the …
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Constitutional work on the ground

Part I Effective lunging without auxiliary reins and the way there The horse’s back or its musculature has the task of supporting the forward movement through certain transport functions of the body mass and to keep the fore and hindquarters connected. Thus, the horse is not designed for carrying the rider’s weight, which is why …
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It’s all a question of balance

Part I – Horizontal balance There are many discussions and questions about the balance and imbalance of the horse: The horse is naturally unbalanced, or is it completely in balanced for itself? Should it be “corrected” in its Im / Balance to let it move healthy under saddle? When does balance develop in the horse …
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How do I deepen the relationship with my horse?

Part I – nervous, insecure horses If man has ever made a great conquest, it is that he has made the horse a friend. -Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon- Humans and horses have been living together as companions for about 40,000 years. They have gone through hard times like wars for centuries. These would often have …
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The nature of the horse – The back

Due to evolution, the back of the horse has changed a lot. The horse evolved from a leaves and fruit-eating forest animal with an arched back, short neck, short muzzle, paws, short legs and a long tail to a steppe animal with a long skull, long legs, fused toe bones – developed to toe walk …
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