Pro Sanitate Equi

I look forward to sharing Pro Sanitate Equi with you as well. With my work concept, I teach you what your horse needs to stay healthy. I teach you to see your horse with professional eyes. This implies that I train you to better understand any physical and mental problems, such as bad posture and misbehaviour, but especially its causes.

What does the way of living like the social environment (stall, open stable, pasture = herd constellation, individual keeping, movement, nutrition) and the natural environment (water, soil, air, climate) of your horse look like?

What about the organism (organs, nervous system, mental state, metabolic balance)?

What shows the musculoskeletal system (muscles, ligaments, fascial tissue, spine, joints, hooves, teeth) on?

How does your horse organize his body and his movement?

This results in whether one or even several appropriate therapies must be applied.

You learn training opportunities that are individually tailored to your horse with horse-friendly equipment to promote your horse physically and mentally from your own knowledge.

Likewise, I show you how to better physically adjust yourself to the movement of your horse according to your possibilities and to support it well with their seat.

Pro Sanitate Equi is a holistic, comprehensive concept that brings you and your horse forward in a healthy way.





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