Pro Sanitate Equi – For the health of the horse

Understanding the horse within its systemic, anatomic and the organization of its movement, and training accordingly

What we learn from horses is infinitely more valuable than what we can teach them.
- unknown author-

Health comes from a state of physical and mental well-being. My concept "Pro Sanitate Equi - For the health of the horse" gives you, as a horse owner with a holistic training, the opportunity to train your horse health-improvingly in partnership with one another.

It is important for me not to divide horse training into riding styles or systems. Horses of all breeds, classes and disciplines and their owners are welcome. Depending on the current situation, we develop an individual training path to help your horse achieve a healthy increase in performance.

In doing so, the horse, with its individuality and needs, sets the path to training. This can range from the formation and deepening of a close partnership between human and horse over the defined strengthening of the entire musculature and movement improvement to the high, anatomically-biomechanically constructed dressage. The mobile balance of the seat and mental relaxation of the rider is always taken into account.

The cooperation with therapists, saddlers, dentists and hoof trimmers regarding naturopathy, therapy, saddle adaptation, hoof and dental health plays an essential role. The result is a program that holistically enhances the health of your horse.

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