Pro Sanitate Equi

Holistic work for the health-promotion of the horse

Pro Sanitate Equi


means holistic work for health promotion of the horse. The basis of my work is the life context as well as the specific psychological and physical behaviour of each horse. Then I set up an individual training program for the well-being of the horse and according to the needs of the rider.

Why is the work for the health promotion of the horse so important?

Whether in dressage or jumping sports, in the western sector, the classical or leisure riding, it always comes to the point that one threads on the one spot. High level movements are a long way off. The fence or maneuver gets refused. The horse is permanently stressed on the trail.

“Horses and humans can not be more different”

Horses are physically superior to humans with their instinctive nature, their strength and speed. They are flight animals and react mostly instinctively. We belong to the category hunters and act out of our minds. Physically and mentally we have a completely different perception than the horse. Due to this diversity of horse and human often communicative and physical communication difficulties arise.

In addition, there exist many different riding methods today. Some promise a better behaviour of the horse or advancement and successes in the disciplines. These are sometimes misinterpreted and misused. Or they are simply not horse friendly. Often, expectations which are more suitable for humans than for horses are placed on the horse.

Training flaws, communication difficulties between horse and human, unrecognized physical malposition, the lack of knowledge in dealing with these or other health problems lead to stress and internal and external damage to the horse.

I also fared in the course of my riding and professional career, which was always dedicated to the versatility in horse training, so that I had moments in which everything stood still, and I was at a loss. What made me broody was the state of health of my horses. Too often therapist and vet visits simply took place without any concrete changes. So, I started a causal research, changed my training approach and added many elements that later led to my current concept Pro Sanitate Equi.

„In the company with the horse, it should be only about the horse in the beginning.“

In the time of my work, I have dealt with these damages, why they occur, different riding methods and training approaches. My goal was to develop a comprehensive working concept that counteracts these problems. So, for many years, I have always trained as much as possible according to the latest findings of the horse’s psychology and physiology. In the beginning, it’s in my working concept all about the horse. Regardless of discipline and breed, I do not teach riding methods, but, I teach about the horse itself. I teach the things I learned from horses. Because I think what we learn from horses is worth so much more than what we can teach them

Why health?

Health = well-kept, alive, healthy and whole

Why holistic?

Whole (wholeness) = original and complete

Why completely?

Complete = completeness of all parts in the totality of their properties and relationships with each other

The basis of my work is to teach the horse owner what his or her horse needs from all directions in order to get it well or stay healthy. I teach him or her to look at his or her horse with professional eyes. That means I train him or her to better understand any physical and mental issues, such as bad posture and misbehaviour. A role plays as follows:

What does the way of living like the social environment (stall, open stable, pasture = herd constellation, individual keeping, movement, nutrition) and the natural environment (water, soil, air, climate) of your horse look like?

What about the organism (organs, nervous system, mental state, metabolic balance)?

What shows the musculoskeletal system (muscles, ligaments, fascial tissue, spine, joints, hooves, teeth) on?

How does your horse organize his body and his movement?

This results in whether one or even several appropriate therapies must be applied.

You learn training opportunities with horse-friendly equipment to promote their horse physically and mentally from your own knowledge.

Likewise, I train him or her to adjust his or her physical fitness better to the movement of her horse and to support it well with her seat.

Pro Sanitate Equi is a holistic, comprehensive concept that brings people and horses forward in an healthy way.

“Every second in the life of horses is a second of learning,
reflecting, feeling and experiencing in human life.”

Nicole Weinauge

Foto Nachweise: ©, ©, © Rabea Koop

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