Rebecca Hadler, Germany

Rána, Icelandic horse

Rána (born in 2008) has been a member of my family since October 2013. In 2014, we were busy providing her with a safe environment and building trust so that she started to ride her constantly at the age of seven. In the course of 2015 I (Rebecca, born in 2005) took over Rána more and more and since the end of 2015 I am taking lessons with Nicole. In the beginning Rána did not make it very easy for me and so it was about not to shoot across the arena. I didn’t care, but we wanted to continue learning together! Due to Ránas prehistory it was not possible to use a whip or to click. Much had already improved on the ground and was no longer a problem, but in the saddle it was different.

Nicole has been working with me since then to help us get ahead.

Now, after a period of training, we are in the dressage on a good path at a walk, trot, canter and the lateral movements are getting better. We continued with Nicole in the jumping and practice at the time again and again without bridle or halter and only with two sticks to ride. With Nicole's help, we finally found a bit that pleases Rána. The next big goal is to tölt Rána. That will be exciting.

No matter how or where I come to the arena, Nicole patiently stands up to us. Let's also make nonsense and always looks that Rána and I feel comfortable in the situation. She always sees the whole thing and if something does not work, it's okay too. When Nicole is abroad, we get our homework and are happy when she finally returns. Throughout their travels, postcards from Australia and other countries are already hanging on my whiteboard over the desk and I hope there will be more!

I am very grateful to Nicole for working with me and I am looking forward to further training Rána in the future with her help.

Rebecca Hadler
Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Robin Major, New Zealand