Teacher training

Educational institute Pro Sanitate Equi – Nicole Weinauge
educational institute Maike Knifka – Osteopathy and physiotherapeutic training on horses

What awaits you in this training?
The demand for horse health and holistic training is increasing more and more. The horse trainer today is not only required to bring with him appropriate knowledge of the anatomy of the horse and its movement, but also a large repertoire of gymnastic approaches to improve the horse’s performance. The trainer is also the contact person for questions about the health of the horse and possible therapies. The therapist in turn is confronted with the fact that regular treatments are not changing enough, because the damages are often generated by unprofessional training. Say, he must be able to incorporate changes in the training so that something can change in the long term.

In order to provide a broad range of problem solving, we offer a combination of two specialties for this training: Holistic Healthy Gymnastics and Osteopathy. They should expand the repertoire by further knowledge, treatment and gymnastics techniques of the horse trainer, riding instructor, physiotherapist, masseur, alternative practitioner, osteopath or chiropractor. Within three years, you can complete two therapy options that complement each other perfectly.

Application criteria
For inclusion in these courses we ask that certain criteria should be met.

Horse Trainer / Riding Instructor: Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement of the horse to understand specific topics. Knowledge in training and gymnastics of horses. If available from young or corrective horses. Regular activity as a trainer / riding instructor. An own horse, or a horse, which is provided for the training, is a condition for the application. If the horse falls out due to illness, it must be taken care of independently for a new one.

Therapist: basic knowledge of horse training on the ground and under the saddle. Regular activity as a therapist. An own horse, or a horse, which is provided for the training, is a condition for the application. If the horse falls out due to illness, it must be taken care of independently for a new one.

Please write your reasons and motivation for this training, a CV and send a 15-30 minute video with an outline of their work.

Do not hesitate to contact us with open questions.

Timetable: Basic module holistic health training and osteopathy

Theory and practice
Nicole Weinauge – Pro Sanitate Equi and guest speakers

• Psychology of the horse
• Analysis mental state of the horse
• Communication and Movement Course: Mental Training and Psychomotricity Horse
• Gymnastics on the ground: work with the cavesson in hand and work in hand bridle, lunge and double lunge
• Gymnastics of the horse under the saddle: movement analysis, muscle tension and hypermobility
• Improvement of the movement feeling of the rider
• Nutrition
• Hoof and Dentistry
• Naturopathy
• Customer care, education on horseback
• Saddle customer
• Customer Care
• Pedagogy on the horse

Theory and practice
Maike Knifka – Training Institute for Osteopathy and Physiotherapeutic Training on the Horse

• Anatomy and functional anatomy
• Basic skeletal, fascial and muscular teachings
• Factors influencing the “system horse” and effects on the musculoskeletal system
• Horsekeeping and basic needs
• The myofascial network
• Basics of physiology
• tensegrity
• Training and movement theory
• nervous system
• Sensorimotor
• Fascia system: The myofascial network and adaptation of the tensegrity model to the musculoskeletal system
• Examination and treatment:
• Creation of findings documentation, findings, treatment,
• Inspection, palpation, movement analysis, functional testing, osteopathic manual and physiotherapy treatments

Final exam

  • Examination and basic certification to the holistic trainer for equine health

Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in organizing this clinic.

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