Theory lectures

Pro Sanitate Equi – for the health of the horse offers theory lectures throughout Germany, to give an insight into the work for the natural health promotion of the horse, to ask questions and to discuss in detail.

The following lectures are possible throughout Germany in the form of an evening or a daily event. Contact me directly with your individual questions.

  • Systematic and healthy gymnastics of the horse – Where do I start?
  • Building up the young horse
  • Effective hand and lunge work, mobility of the neck, neck, shoulders and hindquarters
  • Gymnastics of the gaited horse
  • Lateral work, effective loading and unloading of the trunk and the hindquarters of the horse
  • Transitions to improve the pelvic activity of the horse
  • Assessment of the external and musculature, development of a corresponding gymnastic program
  • The Balance and the center of gravity of the Horse – What does it mean and how do I reach it?
  • Training of the horse’s back – Where do I start biomechanically?
  • Straightening and Centering of the horse
  • Fear when riding – Mental work for fear care
  • The seat of the rider – mobility in balance


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