Therapy procedures

Since every horse, as well as every human being, is completely different from the other, it makes sense to use different therapy methods as required to promote the health of the horse with a whole.

A common example:

A horse has back pain and tight back muscles. It is important to focus on causal research. The cause could be the saddle, overstraining in training, or a malposition. Whereby the saddle can only partially fit in the case of a malposition and thus, naturally increases the load in the body. If these possible causes are eliminated or excluded there may be other causes, such as digestive or metabolic problems. Organic under- or over-functions lead to the wrong stimulation of the musculature and thus quite fast to its hyperacidity.

Here the problem must be tackled from different directions. The body must be cleansed and detoxified so that the organism can work correctly and be restored properly. The organs, which are functionally not up to par, must be supported separately until they resume their function correctly. This can be done via the homeopathy or Chinese medicinal herbs. Which variant is the right one varies from horse to horse. Then you can see how the musculature can recover.

This horse may only need the naturopathic treatment for his type. Another horse, perhaps an osteopathic treatment, the next, a form of massage, and another, possibly only a much subtler method, such as the energy treatment to rebuild his entire organism.

Always, the treatment method depends on the individuality and the diagnostic findings of each particular horse.