Uta Helm, Germany

Festin P.R.E.

Nicole's infinite patience (with human and horse) and her incredible knowledge of the psyche, anatomy and biomechanics has helped me with my two - not so easy - horses to wonderful relaxed moments!

But from the beginning:
I started to have lessons with Nicole in 2009 with my hypersensitive Andalusian mare Bonita, who was bred in Spain and unfortunately treated badly there. Bonita was constantly in flight mode, although she always wanted to do the right thing, but could hardly relax. Nicole brought us in small steps, with much patience and ideas - especially for relaxing exercises - to more serenity and thus to many stages in which Bonita could move calmly and springy. I was amazed!

Unfortunately, we were only able to enjoy this advanced training for a good two years because at the beginning of 2012 I had to let go of Bonita due to severe osteoarthritis at the age of about 27 years.

I didn’t stay for a long time without a horse, so in early 2013, a small PRE came into my life - and spun it up a lot. Although gelding, but very stallion-like, always wavering between insecurity and escape (rushing was his answer to all unknown things, noises ...) and macho appearance, that was Festin. Every small change triggered violent reactions and also the integration into the herd was difficult or initially impossible.

Nicole's knowledge of horsemanship was in demand now. Your 'relationship training' with us was worth gold and only on that I could write many more pages. Festin has temporarily pushed us all to the limit, but has always promoted our own learning with his clear reactions. Only so much: today I enjoy Festin's full confidence, and noises and sudden movements have lost their terror. His reactions have become that of a normally confident horse.

Yes, and these advances could also be transferred to the saddle. From initial wavering between either totally restrained or rushing off, Festin has become a horse, which gives a great riding experience. Nicole gave him and me all the security we needed and made us independent at the same time, and she enabled Festin's body to move in a healthy position under the rider. The 'little one' now thanks it with loose, sweeping movements - that is why he is also called 'Bellicon' (after a sports trampoline) - precisely because he moves so sprightly. Without Nicole's tireless and extremely knowledgeable training, I would have given up riding with this talented horse at some point someday and would look at him only from the ground today ... unimaginable in the meantime ...!

Dear Nicole,
feel what the horse means, see what it needs in the special moment, recognize and appreciate even small changes, think positive and provide security, that's what you are able to do and that’s wonderful! Thank you for your training with heart and without any unhealthy ambition, but with clear goals that bring horse and rider on all levels! Whether on the ground, under the saddle or on the lunge, you have taught me so much ... and that goes on, -I'm looking forward to the first relaxed piaffe and passage rides under your guidance!

Uta Helm,
Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Yasmin Götz, Germany