Yasmin Götz, Germany (2)

Lasse, Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse, the coincidence and Pro Sanitate Equi.
Due to a move of stable with my Icelandic horse Lasse, then 18 years old, I needed a new continuous support. I knew we needed more guidance to improve. By coincidence it turned out to take a trial lesson with Nicole. I did not know the holistic concept, but since I had already watched lessons, I was curious what the approach would be with Lasse.

He was already very well educated and taught me a lot, but I still did not have the opportunity to correctly retrieve higher movements. By my hand aids corrupted with my inability, he was not an easy case. With a lot of patience and a proper gymnastics Lasse was able to learn to deal with the back and abdominal muscles differently and build them up in such a way that it was even possible for me to sit the trot without any problems. This was not given to me before because my hip deformity did not allow this, especially if the horse's back was not supple. In addition, it was possible to be relaxed at any time and continuously via loosening the horse’s mouth / lower jaw.

Now known as the Professor, Lasse insists on 100% correct riding and it was a long way to believe me that I have learned to do so. With all the difficulties and patience he demanded, it was always clear that this is a very good way for us both to come together and ride harmoniously. It developed a fine lightness that appeals to both of us and we have always searched. Meanwhile, he likes to work, is so motivated in the gymnastic and is really excited when he is asked a new task. From arena fatigue to be a nerd.

In addition, it was achieved by this coherent concept that Lasse, who lost an eye shortly before our move, is evenly muscled on both sides. On top - even in old age the back muscles could be improved and correct muscles could be built up.

We love it!

Yasmin Götz
Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany