Yasmin Götz, Germany

Orri, Icelandic-horse

October 2014, I found Orri, a nine-year-old Icelandic gelding and five gaited, as a successor to my Lasse. He has a characteristically good and positive character, offered a very comfortable and beautiful canter and very good tölt. Like Lasse, he did not like working in the arena so much. He was having a hard time following the trot and for me the tölt was good at first only at high speed. In the end, I really like to hack and that's why he provided the perfect basis for what I wanted then.

Lasse has already proved to me that the dressage work adapted to the needs of the horse brings with it even more fun in the field. (... and then there was the idea to ride a piaffe with the Icelandic horse :-)) Orri was and is also more difficult for me to ride because of the different gait distribution and I had to change first. There was a lot to learn again. In the arena the right canter was not available for me and easier movements in the trot ended more often in a “gaited salad”.

After two years of regular training in compliance with the biomechanical concept with a special feature to strengthen the horse’s weaknesses, these initial problems are completely forgotten. Orri is always enthusiastic about the matter, loves to go in the arena and offers the most beautiful posture in a trot. The lateral movements like Shoulder-in, Travers, Renvers are for him now just a pleasant warm-up exercises and accordingly easy to ride. Meanwhile, the lateral movements are also practiced at trot. The counter canter is no problem for him and I can strike off in canter at any time on both hands.

On the trail, it is magical to tölt him at a slow pace and with a relaxed touch and interrogate any tempo variance in rhythm. Should it be difficult again, it is a clear sign that I have neglected the gymnastics during Nicole absences ;-). A few exercises and it works again - it can be that easy!

Yasmin Götz
Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


Yasmin Götz, Germany