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Riding is the dialogue between two bodies and two souls,

that aims to establish harmony between them

(Waldemar Seuning)


Riding is the dialogue between
two bodies and two souls,
that aims to establish harmony between them

(Waldemar Seuning)

Riding is the dialogue between
two bodies and two souls,
that aims to establish harmony between them

(Waldemar Seuning)

Energy work is an alternative healing method in which I have completed extensive training and I am a certified Reiki master. Energy work creates deep relaxation through touch and much more besides: blockages are released, tensions disappear and the organism is pushed to find its balance again. Energy work is a type of treatment on many levels, not just the physical one.

With the help of special methods, such as neural-neural energy healing work, I work on the neural and neural system with high vibration frequencies that are generated energetically. These frequencies reach the brain via the nervous and neural system, among other things. This helps the pain and blockage memory on a physical and mental level to recover.

In order to be able to initiate a healing process, the determination of the possible cause (anamnesis sheet) is always started. Then, together with the owner, it is clarified whether there are possibilities to remedy these with a holistic understanding of all internal and external circumstances and connections of the horse’s system.

As soon as the causes have been limited or eliminated, I begin the energy healing work through high-frequency impulses on the level of the horse’s nervous system, which runs through the fascia, which weave through the organs and the entire musculoskeletal system, stimulate disrupted structures to self-heal and bring them back into balance. The nervous system and thus the body remembers the state of “being healthy” during a treatment. Dissolving blockages at their origin and bringing the entire body system into flow allows the horse to experience its body as healthy again.

It is also helpful, if requested by the owner, to be additionally in dialogue with the horse during the treatment. This dialogue arises on mental, emotional and / or physical levels. The information gained is incorporated into the treatment and later work.

In Dialogue with the horse can help with:

  • Abnormal behavior, inexplicable or undesirable behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Illnesses (supportive or as an impetus for healing)
  • Relationship problems with the animal
  • unanswered questions
  • and much more

At the beginning of the treatments, it is important to tackle a unit: “Treatment-Movement-Treatment” so that the treated areas can reorganize themselves and become active in the health training units via “posture work”

Mobile regular health units from Pro Sanitate Equi can be booked in the Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg area (subject-related or individually). Inquire about a tour in your direction.

The first appointment, including the medical history, should be 45-60 minutes. Subsequent units can be 30-45 minutes.

The process is based on the philosophy of Pro Sanitate Equi, as well as regular:

  • Health checks (movement analysis)
  • Classification of muscular condition, hooves, teeth, nutritional condition)
  • Development of a training program (if desired in writing)
  • Equipment check (saddle, bridle, cavesson)
  • Support for choices about nutritional supplements and homeopathy
  • Advice on therapies
  • Organization and support for saddlers and therapists

There are several ways to support you at home at your home stable to solve acute problems, between health seminars and in general.

Possibility 1: Video health unit

You send me a 15-30 min. video, which I analyze in writing and discuss the results with you by phone or video conference. You have the opportunity to ask questions and are thus prepared for your next riding session.

Option 2: Live health unit

The technology is getting more and more advanced. It is easily possible to make health appointments via the Zoom app, WhatsApp, the Pixo or Pixem robot or the Pivo Online. Contact me for more information.

Information events can be organized to give an insight into the work for the natural health promotion of the horse, to ask questions and to discuss in detail.

The following topics are possible in the form of an evening or daytime event. Contact me directly with your individual questions about this.

  • Bad posture in the horse’s body that is harmful to health
  • The crookedness of the horse – sensory laterality – causes in the musculoskeletal system and the brain centers
  • Health promoting training for the horse to remedy movement restrictions and crookedness in the body
  • The nature of the horse – the nervous system and brain centers
  • The musculoskeletal system, structure and functions of the horse’s back – systematic and health-promoting gymnastics of the horse
  • The horse’s myofascial network
  • Effective hand and lunge, double lunge work, mobility of the poll, neck, shoulders and hindquarters
  • Lateral movements, effective loading and unloading of the trunk and hindquarters of the horse
  • Transitions to improve the horse’s pelvic activity
  • Assessment of the exteriors and muscles, development of an appropriate exercise program
  • The horse’s balance and center of gravity – straightening and centering the horse
  • The rider’s seat – mobility in balance

Organize a Pro Sanitate Equi health seminar in Germany, Europe and worldwide in German and English.

6 active people with horse are required. Spectators are very welcome.

Horses of different breeds and age groups as well as horse owners and riders of different training levels find a place.

Under theory lectures you can find possible specifications for topic-related courses or simply for lectures that can be included in the courses.

The daily routine can be as follows:

  • 1st day lecture + 6 health units of 60 min., Final discussion
  • 2nd day questions + 6 health units of 30 min., Follow-up discussion
  • 3rd day questions + 6 health units of 45 min., Final discussion